US Investment Visas For Indians
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California Immigration Lawyer Helps Indian Parents Invest in a Future in the United States

California Immigration Lawyer Helps Indian Parents Invest in a Future in the United States

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India is the second most populous country in the entire world, and it is the largest democracy. I'm completely in awe of the depth and breadth of Indian culture and history. Indian civilization is one of the most ancient in the world, even boasting the invention of some of the most fundamental ideas in mathematics.

Indians Look to Educational Opportunities in the U.S.

Like parents around the world, the Indian parents I have met and spoken with have all shared similar worries about their children’s futures. From what schools they might attend to where they might live and work as young adults, these basic concerns are very common—and there are many Indian families seeking ways to increase the opportunities available for their children’s growth and advancement.

For some families, obtaining an EB-5 green card in the United States has been a part of the path toward their children’s goals. The EB-5 “immigrant investor” program helps qualified individuals, as well as their family members, obtain permanent resident green cards. To qualify, the individual must make an investment in the American economy. The permanent resident green card allows children to pursue diverse educational opportunities at colleges, universities, and graduate schools anywhere in the United States. Green cards also provides continued benefits after graduation, such as the ability to live anywhere in the U.S., work for any employer, or even pursue a path to full citizenship.   

Let Us Help You Decide If the EB-5 Program Is Right for Your Family

Our experienced immigration attorneys are based in California, but we serve clients around the world. We have helped many families get the immigration information and support they need, and we are proud of our successesIf you have questions about obtaining a green card or if EB-5 is the right choice for your family, start by reading through a FREE COPY of my book, Complete Guide to the EB-5 Green Card. Please fill out the order form on this page to download. 

We have written several visa-specific immigration guides and published two full-length books that provide critical immigration information. We invite you to educate yourself about your visa options by clicking on the title that interests you. Our books are no substitute for a one on one consultation. We recommend you contact Alana Wang at [email protected] to arrange for a free consultation with our attorneys. Alana can arrange a free consultation in person or by telephone.  

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