Success Stories: Testimonials from Clients and Attorneys

Apart from being rated as a 10/10 "Superb" on, our immigration lawyer, Vaughan de Kirby, has received many testimonials from satisfied clients and attorneys across the country who is familiar with our work. We have selected some of these statements and provided them herein for your review in order to further evidence our commitment to servicing the needs of our immigration clients.

Note that the views expressed here do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding your case.

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  • Thank Vaughan and his team for uniting our family!

    I really can’t tell you what we are going through. Our entire family owes Vaughan and his team a great deal for uniting our family. My investor visa helps us see our parents after six years.   Thanks is just a simple word. You guys have been so patient throughout the process. Vaughan your confidence and Hassan’s judgment on source of funds and all the work you guys did was meticulous and up to the mark. All the while I was so worried but Hassan kept his cool.   We as a family thank Vaughan and the entire team there. Thank you so much for the gift that you guys have given to us. I really want the team to go out for lunch. Though I can’t be with you guys, I will request Vaughan to ensure you guys go out for lunch which should be on me.

  • My EB-5 application got approved fast!

    Employment based Greens Card is really time consuming for Indian nationals now, so we decided to go with EB-5 Category (fastest possible way currently).   The most Important thing about EB-5 is finding a good EB-5 Investment Immigration Lawyer and the right EB-5 project, because you need to make sure you get your investment back and I-526 approval on time.   I did my research for 3 months and talked with more than 10 EB-5 Lawyers. I have to thank God that I found Vaughan as my EB-5 Lawyer. From day one I talked with him, Vaughan was very polite and very positive about my case.   Result is, my I-526 was approved within 12 months against 24 months current average processing time.   During the process, I had several questions. As soon as I had any questions, Vaughn called me on the phone and explained everything very politely and in understandable manner (It always takes my pressure off).   I strongly recommend Vaughan as your EB-5 Attorney and I promise you that you will be very happy at the end!

    Silkson M.
  • We got our EB-5 Green Cards and investment funds back!

    I am an EB-5 immigrant. Earlier in 2009 I started to search for a way to get my daughter a chance to stay in the U. S. after college. I had no idea of the EB-5. I visited a couple of law offices but the results were disappointing. When I visited Mr. Vaughan de Kirby’s law office and talked to him, I knew I had found a chance. I spent three days reading his book about EB-5 carefully. I trusted him because I got answers I wanted to all the possible questions I had on the investment and the law. I believe no one could have explained it more clearly than Mr. de Kirby. With confidence I made the decision for the three of us, my wife, my daughter and myself, to go on with the investment. Ms Lily Shi, his assistant, and other members of his team, were so efficient in straightening out all my documents. In no more than three months my application was approved. Things went out so smoothly that in exactly two years the conditions to our green cards were removed. Last year, our investment funds were all returned to us! During the last few years, I recommended Vaughan de Kirby Law Office to a couple of friends who were also interested in EB-5. Sure enough, they have all been successful in getting their Green Cards and on the way to get their investment funds back. Looking back on my immigration experience, I can only say to my friends who want to come live in this great country: Trust the law and find a good attorney to help you.

    Mr. Huang
  • Wonderful experience!

    Working with Mr. Hassan Jatoi for my EB5 petition was indeed a wonderful experience. He worked painstakingly on this 500 page document and intricately analyzed my multiple sources of funds for the petition.Being from same subcontinent and well versed with Indian language and documents helped me a lot with preparing my petition with result that my alien entrepreneur petition was approved last week by USCIS without any further request for evidence.

    Bhupinder Deswal
  • Vaughan’s firm served my family well and I would recommend them to anyone who is considering EB-5.

    My first experience with Jatoi & de Kirby, APC was working with them to file my EB-5 Green Card application for myself and my son. Working closely with the firm’s team we were approved and now hold US Green Cards. With this success we again used Vaughan’s firm to file EB-5 applications for each of my daughters. My daughters EB-5 applications were approved and they are now US Green Card holders. Vaughan’s firm served my family well and I would recommend them to anyone who is considering EB-5.

    J. Yap
  • Vaughan is the one I refer my friends to if they want a Green Card!

    Vaughan de Kirby and his assistant Lily Shi worked closely with us and our families throughout the EB-5 application process. They did an excellent and efficient job and were always there for us when we needed questions answered. I now have my Green Card and a great job in the US. With the green card Vaughan helped me get, even people like me that did not graduate from ivy league still had a chance to work for one of the Fortune 500 companies and make six figures. I could never achieve this without Vaughan's help! Vaughan is the one I refer my friends to if they want a Green Card!

    S. P. Cheung
  • For EB-5 I would always recommend Vaughan and his firm!

    We worked with Jatoi & de Kirby, APC on our EB-5 application. Vaughan and everyone who works at his firm really showed us that they cared about our application and wanted to be sure it was successful. We have our Green Cards now and are applying for citizenship and Vaughan and his team are still right there to help! My husband and I now have a beautiful home in the United States and a wonderful young  son. For EB-5 I would always recommend Vaughan and his firm!

    Vivian Sun
  • Vaughan de Kirby has assembled a terrific team of EB-5 experts

    Vaughan de Kirby has assembled a terrific team of EB-5 experts that really understand how critical their work is to the future welfare of the individuals and families they serve. I have worked closely with Vaughan and his team and would not hesitate to recommend them if a Green Card through investment is your goal.

    Abbas Hashmi – President – Green Card Capital
  • Over the years, on various occasions, Vaughan de Kirby has represented me, my wife, my daughter, my brother and my stepson.

    Over the years, on various occasions, Vaughan de Kirby has represented me, my wife, my daughter, my brother and my stepson. Each and every time he provided exceptional legal representation. He was always prompt to return our phone calls and answer our concerns. He cares about his clients as real people with important needs and works hard to see that their interests are protected. - Dr. Clement Ngo-Anh, Ph.D Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Dr. Clement Ngo-Anh, Ph.D
  • Vaughan is a highly skilled attorney who is an expert in several areas of the law including immigration

    I have had the benefit of participating in various professional development conferences with Vaughan De Kirby. I have been impressed and inspired by Vaughan's dedication and commitment to his clients and the outstanding immigration services that he offers. Vaughan's book on immigration is just one example of his dedication to his clients.   - Attorney Charles Internicola Staten Island, NY

    Attorney Charles Internicola

EB-5 Extended to September 30th 2020

Obtain a United States Green Card with a qualified investment of $900,000 in a USCIS Approved Regional Center. We have set our clock to September 30th 2020, however Congress is considering new legislation which will increase the qualified investment to $1,000,000. This change could happen at any time and the $1,000,000 could become the law with little or no notice. If a Green Card is important to you and your family please contact our office immediately.

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