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Republicans Submit Their Own Green Card Reform Bill to Congress

Posted on Oct 30, 2011

Shortly after the Democrats in United States Congress drafted a bill outlining immigration reform, the Republicans shot back with their own version of the bill - though many parts of the potential legislation are the same, down to the word.

The bill, proposed by Representative Raul Labrador, agrees with many of the immigration law reforms that others are seeking, but changes the scope of some of the ideas. While the Democrat's bill, proposed by Zoe Lofgren, seeks more green cards for foreign entrepreneurs, H-1B worker visa reform, and L-1 investor visa reforms, Labrador's bill focuses in on granting green card access to foreign students who earn advanced technology and science degrees in the United States.

One Republican who worked on the bill admitted that both bills had common goals and, it followed that both bills would have some of the same language. However, the Labrador bill eliminated some of Lofgren's larger reforms and focused instead on attracting skilled foreign workers with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) backgrounds.

In either case, it is a positive step forward that both parties are examining possible immigration reform and that there seems to be at least some bipartisan agreement regarding worker visa reform.

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