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Proposed Criminalization of Undocumented Persons Economically Irresponsible

Posted on Jul 21, 2011

Proposed criminalization of undocumented persons and 'harboring' is unjust and economically irresponsible. In this Anniston Star article, a blurb of which is provided below, a great issue is raised relating to the economic impact that enforcement of recently proposed state legislation, aiming to criminalize being an undocumented immigrant and in some cases 'harboring' undocumented immigrants, would have on states.

Source: The Anniston Star, by Tim Lockett

If Alabama's new immigration law never takes effect, prosecutors and court officials across the state might just breathe a sigh of relief.

The new law - a sweeping bill that establishes criminal penalties for being an undocumented immigrant, or for hiring or transporting one - could add substantially to the docket in some criminal courts. With the state's judicial system facing $13.2 million in cuts this year and circuit courts across the state planning to lay off workers, officials say they don't know how they're going to pay for enforcement of the new law.

"I don't know what the costs are going to be," said Calhoun County District Attorney Brian McVeigh. "And I don't know how we will pay for them."

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