How to Apply for an L-2 Visa for Dependents of L-1 Visas Applicants

An L-2 visa allows the spouse and the unmarried minor children of an L-1 visa holder to live and study in the United States while the principal L visa holder works and supports them. It is a great option for families that wish to stay together, even after an intercompany transfer or other business opportunity on American soil. 

But how does one apply for an L-2 visa? Let’s take a closer look at the process of securing an L-2 visa for your family:

  • Submit a complete copy of the principal L visa holder’s application, including copies of all associated documents. 
  • Submit a copy of your spouse or parent’s employment verification letter. 
  • Submit your processing fee. 
  • Submit application Form DS-160, a non-immigration visa application
  • Submit proof of your status as a dependent by including a valid marriage certificate or proof of marriage (or, if you are the child of the L visa holder, a birth certificate). 
  • Submit a recent, passport-style headshot. 
  • Submit a copy of your valid passport. 

When applying for an L-1 work visa or an L-2 visa for dependents, you may find that you need the assistance of a San Francisco visa attorney. If you have questions about your application, if you would like to bring your family with you while you work in the U.S., or if you are unsure if an L visa is right for you, we can help. Call the Law Offices of Vaughan de Kirby today to get the information and answers you need: 415-221-2345. 

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